Fearless Nadia’s 110th Birthday

Mon, Jan 8, 2018


Born Mary Ann Evans on this day in 1908 in Perth, Australia, the blue-eyed blonde actress “Fearless Nadia” earned her nickname as the original Bollywood stuntwoman in the 1930s and 1940s.


After learning the ropes of outdoor living in Peshawar, she first joined a touring dance troupe in Bombay, then the Zarco Circus. After changing her name to Nadia on the advice of a fortune teller, she was cast in cameos before striking upon the winning film formula: Fearless Nadia, action heroine.

In her first lead role, JBH Wadia’s 1935 film Hunterwali (The Lady of the Whip), Fearless Nadia blazed onto the screen in leather shorts, a mask, and cape, performing all of her own stunts. Over the years, she swung from chandeliers, sprang from speeding trains, and even tamed lions. After leaving the cameras behind in the early 60’s, Riyad Wadia’s 1993 documentary Fearless: The Hunterwali Story brought the passionate trailblazer back to the limelight once again.

Gutsy stunt star Fearless Nadia is ready to rumble in today’s Doodle, which was created by Bangalore-based comic illustrator Devaki Neogi. The illustration draws inspiration from the action movie posters of old-time Hindi cinema.

Happy Birthday, Fearless Nadia!

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