Venezuela Independence Day 2009

Sun, Jul 5, 2009

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Venezuela Independence Day 2009

With a glorious history of more than 15,000 years, the country of Venezuela has made significant developments in fields of science, politics and technology over the last few decades. Officially known as the ‘Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’, this country is situated on the South American continent. Like other festivals, Independence Day of Venezuela is also celebrated with equal zest and festive fervor which falls on 5th of July every year. It’s been noticed that different factors have led to the emergence of Venezuela as an independent nation.

Historically, it was in 1810 that the first republican rule was established by Fransisco de Miranda but his stint was for a brief period as he had to surrender to the Spaniards in 1812 and died in exile thereafter in 1816. However, a second initiative was taken by Simon Bolivar in 1813 by ousting the Spanish colonists in the famous ‘Battle of Carabobo’ on 24 June 1821, which later led to the proclamation of independent Venezuela as a part of the Republic of Gran Colombia. Though on 5th of July 1811 Venezuela was officially declared free, it was only towards the later part that 5h of July was officially observed as Independence Day of Venezuela.

Celebration of Independence Day in Venezuela remains incomplete without the various festivities coupled together with a spring of entertaining activities whereby the rich culture and heritage of the country are highlighted. For Venezuelans and majority of Bolivarian, it is a special occasion and they make effort to collectively share this moment of sheer glory and independence.

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