Bolivian Independence Day 2009

Thu, Aug 6, 2009

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Logo dedicated to Independence Day in Bolivia 2009

Bolivian independence Day 2009

Independence day in Bolivia is celebrated each year on 6th August. Bolivia became independent of Spanish dominion in 1825.

Bolivia was the seat of the Aymara civilization, which later faced Inca invasion. Consequently the control passed into the hands of Spain in 1538. At that point of time it was known as Upper Peru. Bolivia achieved its independence from Spain in 1825 largely due to the efforts of Simon Bolivar. After its independence Upper Peru acquired a new name. It was now called Bolivia after the revolutionary Simon Bolivar.

Following its independence, Bolivia witnessed the rule of several military dictators or caudillos. They attempted to unite the three regions of the country including Altiplano, the central region and the eastern Andes region.

Independence day in Bolivia has been declared as a national holiday. It is locally referred to as “Dia de la Patria”. The occasion is celebrated throughout the nation by organizing patriotic marches, cultural programs in various educational institutions, military parades and gun salutes. Celebrations of Independence Day in Bolivia continue throughout the day in La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia. The programs are based on history and culture of the country and include music and other forms of entertainment

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