Algeria Independence Day 2009

Sun, Jul 5, 2009

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Algeria Independence Day 2009

Regarded as one of the second largest countries of Africa, Independence Day of Algeria is celebrated with great fervor all throughout the country. The vivid cultural influences find a marked presence in these festivities. Constitutionally, Algeria is defined as an amalgamation of various religious beliefs as Islamic, Arab and Amazigh. The name Algeria is believed to be derived from the city of Algiers although inspired from the Arabic word ‘al-jaza’ir’, which refers to the four islands lying near the coastal areas of the country, till it became a part of the country in the year 1525. Algerian Independence Day is all about celebrating the vivid facets of the country represented through various

Historical evidences state that since 10,000 BC, Berbers inhabited the country followed by the Carthaginians. After the coming of the Byzantine Empire, the land was under their rule for many years till the Arabs came and occupied it. Algeria was placed under the Ottoman Empire in 1517, thereby extending the boundaries of the country. The French conquest of the country was met out with great resistance, but finally in 1958 with the collapse of the ‘Fourth Republic’ many European settlers moved to settle down in Algeria. In 1954, the National Liberation Front (FLN) impelled the Algerian War of Independence which continued for nearly a decade to thwart off the French rulers in 1962 which led to the establishment of independence in Algeria.

Hectic preparations are marked before the arrival of the actual day with young boys and girls taking active part in the social functions. The major cities of Algeria display an array of multi-cultural activities to attract huge crowds from different corners of the society. The significance of Independence Day in Algeria lies in the fact that it’s that time of the year when the head of the country address the whole nation about the achievements and aspirations of the country.

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